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Where I’ve Been…

It’s been pretty quite around here lately.  That’s because I’m doing a ton of behind the blog work, and there are big things coming to Running In Chucks.  I’ve also been spending a lot of time unplugging on the weekends.  Here’s a small glimpse of what I’ve been up to lately.


I took a trip to Cedar Point with friends.  We rode all of the roller coasters and barely waited in line.  It was awesome.


Coffee and my Kindle on the lake.  I managed to ready 2.5 books over Memorial Day weekend.


Maxwell chilling out on the boat.


I saw The Cranberries in concert with my friend Val.


I’ve been ramping up my bags skills lately.  I’m still pretty horrible, but I can sometimes actually score points now!


I’ve been cooking more.  This is a cherry barley pudding (like rice pudding) I made.  It needs some tweaking before I share, but that’s a convenient excuse to make more.


Three Things You Should Know Today


I finally got it together and started a Facebook page for my little old blog.  Go “Like” me over there, and we’ll be best friends forever.  Facebook.com/RunningInChucks.


I’ve desperately needed a haircut for months now, but I just handn’t bothered .  Finally Thursday morning I looked in the mirror and realized what a disaster my hair was.  My hair was the longest it’s ever been, but it was a stringy, frizzy, hot mess with split ends had split ends.  I finally sucked it up made an appointment on Friday evening.  I went with the long-ish bob, slightly angled so it’s a bit shorted in the back.




I had an extremely lazy and relaxing weekend.  Apparently I needed a weekend of doing next tonight far more than I realized.  Last week I was a step away from total lethargy.  I could barely motivate myself to do anything.  I didn’t want to cook or clean or move from the couch more than absolutely required which means my house slowly turned into a (bigger than usual) disaster, my workouts suffered, and there was a lot of eating out.

Sgt Peppers decided she was going to stalk Dawn while I was watching Buffy.

 After a weekend of going to bed early and sleeping in, watching too much Buffy and Weeds, eating fish nuggets (out of a box) for dinner last night, and just being completely lazy, I am feeling completely recharged and ready to tackle all that life has to offer.

Happy Monday friends!

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