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Food Truck Friday: Pierogi Wagon

Somehow I missed the memo that food trucks have been BLOWING UP in Chicago. A couple months ago a coworker tipped me off to the fact that there is a common food truck gathering area about two blocks from our office. Thus, food truck Friday was born. I bring my lunch most days, but like to treat myself (treat yo self!) on Fridays. It used to be Indian food Fridays, but food trucks are far more exciting than my weekly saag paneer with a side of naan.

Two weeks ago, I hit up Pierogi Wagon. I used to think I hated pierogi, but as it turns out, what I actually hate are those boxed Mrs. T’s pierogi they sell in the freezer section at grocery stores. Real, authentic pierogi?  I love that shit.

Unfortunately, since I missed the Whiting Pierogi Fest this year, it’s been more than a year side I’ve had a good pierogi. Enter Pierogi Wagon.


I ordered the cheddar and potato, braised beef, and spinach and cheese (2 each) topped with bacon and grilled onions. It was $8, which is a fair price if you ask me.

All of the pierogi were cooked perfectly. Nice, thick dough cooked all the way through and a little browned and crisp on the outside.


The cheddar and potato was hands down my favorite. The filling was smooth and creamy with a good cheddar flavor. It was the perfect pierogi!

The two were good, but not great. The braised beef had excellent flavor, but the beef was a bit dry. It definitely needed the onion and bacon on top.

Speaking of onions, those were a bit peppery for my personal tastes, and so the entire meal was a bit to peppery for me. It wasn’t meal ruining though; I’ll just go ready on the onions next time.

All in all, I would say this is definitely a food truck I would look out for in Chicago!

Blogger Fail

I don’t generally I feel the need to apologize for time spent away from my blog because after all, the point of this is to document my life and how can I do that if I’m not living myself.  However, in this case, I do feel like I should be apologizing.  It’s not that I haven’t been blogging because I’m off having crazy adventures (though that has happened); mostly I’ve just been super lazy about blogging.  (I’ve also been super lazy about journaling in my 28th Year Scrapbok so it’s not just my blog I’m neglecting…)

So, I’m sorry.  I’ll stop being so lazy and get it together.  It’s not like I don’t have plenty to write about these days.  Here’s what you can expect coming soon on the blog:

 A race report for the Warrior Dash I did on June 17th

A review of Kuma’s Corner

 A recipe for Southwest Mac n Cheese Bake

 A recap of the Off!  Blogger Craft Hour with Jeanne Benedict from DIY Network

 Hearing all about the hiking Nik and I have been doing lately.

 A recipe for two kinds of grilled pizza

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