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233. One of Those Nights

Last night was one of those nights.  The kind of night that makes you want to cry even though you can’t help but laugh at how some things have played out.  The kind of night that by the end, you’ve been reminded of just how wonderful it is to have an amazing family and a wonderful boyfriend.  Yeah, last night was one of those nights.

I had a very specific plan of action for last night that included recording the dialect vlog for you all, putting a new workout play list on my iPod, downloading one of the Face Down, Ass Up episodes from Rachel, and hittin the gym to get my spin on (either in class or on my own), making dinner for and hanging out with the boy and our (his) friend Pizza.

Well…as you may have guessed, that is not how things went down…at all.  Not even close.

I arrived home, took care of the fur kids and made a beeline for my computer – my apparently dead computer.  Well then. I spent a little bit of time trying to troubleshoot it myself before determining the problem was beyond my limit knowledge base.  I now had no vlog, no new playlist, no Face Down, Ass Up, and no desire to go to hit the gym.  I did have a burning desire to cry though and a wet kitten.

Yes, you read that correctly.  During my attempts to self-diagnose my computer, my kitten hopped up on my shoulder to comfort me.  My soaking wet kitten.  My soaking wet because she decided to go for a swim in the toilet kitten.  Ladies and gentlemen, when you have a very curious new kitten in the house, do not, I repeat do not, forget to put the lid on the toilet down at all times.  The kitten wants to see what the toilet is all about, and she will probably go swimming in her attempt to check it out.

So now I have a broken computer, no vlog, no playlist, no virtual spin class, and a wet kitten.  Fantastic!  Time for the gym then.  Oh wait; apparently I have no clean workout clothes either.  I’m not even sure how that happened.  I’ve been a giant sloth since November.  All I know is the only workout bottoms I could find were shorts, and it is way too damn cold out for that.

This is about the point in time that my mom called.  Ten minutes later my dad was on his way, with his stock pile of extra computer parts, to attempt to save the day.  Sadly, the day was not saved, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few possibilities.  My dad also left me his old computer and an adapter kit that will basically allow me to turn my hard drive into a USB drive and back everything up.  Right now that’s my major concern.

So, there is still no vlog though I may be able to hook up my webcam and mic and do it his weekend using my dad’s old computer.  We’ll see.  I promise nothing.  There’s still no new playlist, and I still don’t have any episodes of Face Down, Ass Up.  But the kitten has dried, and despite everything that happened, I came out smiling. 

I mean really, how many people can say they have a dad who will drive right over with extra parts and an extra computer to try fixing their dead computer.  Dinner still turned out amazing (I’ll be sharing the recipe early next week.), and I had a great time hanging out and watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  So even though my computer is still broken, I consider myself pretty damn lucky.

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