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2013 Fall Bucket List

Ah, fall!  Fall is hands down my favorite season.  As a lifelong hater of hot weather, I love when the cool crispness of fall starts to settle in.  I love apples and pumpkins and Halloween.  I love scarves and boots and blankets.  I love the cozy feeling that fall brings with it.  Last year I created a Autumn Bucket List, and even though I never really did a formal recap of how many of the items I accomplished (By the way, it was 8 out of 12.), I had a lot of fun with it.  So I decided to make another one this year.  There’s a few repeat items (hiking, drinking pumpkin beers, pie!) because, well, those are fall classics.  They must be done.  But there are a few new ones too,  many related to house projects I want to get done sooner rather than later.  So, without further ado…

Fall Bucket List


How about you; what’s on your to-do list this fall?

28 While 28

If there are two things bloggers love it’s lists and goals.  The first time I ran across a X while X list was on my friend Erin‘s blog.  Since then Laura, Heather and other bloggers have posted their own lists.  Today is my birthday, and as part of my quest to become more sentimental and make the most of my 28th year, I’ve decided to hop on board and make my own list.  Some of these items are off my Mission 101 list and some a new goals.  The goal of this list is to have new adventures, try new things, and challenge myself.  I don’t plan take the list too seriously because the goal is to have fun and enjoy life.  I’ll update this list as the year progresses and track my lists on my 28 While 28 page.


  1. Maintain my 28th Year Journal/ Scrapbook (more on this later)
  2. Visit a local (IL, IN, WI, MI) brewery
  3. See the Mythbusters exhibit @ Museum of Science and Industry
  4. Visit The Ledge at the Sear’s Tower
  5. Eat at 5 new restaurants
  6. Try 12 new beers
  7. Eat Vegan for 1 week
  8. Consistently strength train for 30 days
  9. Find, frame and display 6 photos
  10. Make 28 recipes from my cookbooks
  11. Do #photoaday for 1 whole month
  12. Self host my blog & host a giveaway
  13. Move in with Nik
  14. Do a sprint triathlon
  15. Visit a haunted house
  16. Hike 3 Chicago area trails
  17. Bike 3 (different) Chicago area trails
  18. Run the Spring Grove Cornmaze 5K
  19. Run the Zoo Run Run 5K
  20. Reach my goal weight & become a Weight Watcher’s Lifetime member
  21. Pick a pumpkin and carve it
  22. Go to the beach
  23. Go to the zoo
  24. Go to a baseball game
  25. Make whoopie pies
  26. Take a cooking class (e.g. a sushi making class)
  27. Host a game night
  28. Volunteer for the Chicago marathon
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