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319. Habitat for Humanity 5K Race Recap or the Biggest Running Lesson I’ve Learned to Date

I was planning to tell you about the awesome way I’ve been incorporating strength training lately.  I had the post all written and ready to post.  Then something incredible happened…something I never expected.  I ran the inaugural Northwest Indiana Habitat for Humanity 5K.  Well, okay, I actually expected to run the race since my friend and I had discussed it a month earlier, but what I didn’t expect was another 5K PR and a first place ribbon to boot!

Seriously, who am I?

I went from not being able to touch my very first 5K time to shaving a full 2 minutes off of it!  I finished the Habitat 5K in 27:30.  My Garmin did come up a bit short on distance (3.05 miles), but my official time matched.  A 5K in less than 28 minutes?!  I think it’s safe to say item 75 on my Mission 101 has seriously and officially been checked off.  The funny thing is when I set that goal, I was expecting to have to do some serious speed work training if I wanted to actually achieve it, but more on that in a bit. 

I’m still kind of shocked about the whole thing.  The course was much hillier than I’m used to.  These weren’t major hills, but it was a pretty consistent up and down.  And let’s face it, I run in Chicago where the closest thing we have to hills are viaducts.   Plus the course was two laps around the Lake County Fairgrounds which meant each hill had to be tackled twice!  It wasn’t until about half way through the second lap that I really started to feelthe hills or the pace at which I was moving. 

Truthfully, I have a pretty good idea of why my running has been so top notch lately.  For the first time since I started running, and training for that first 5K, my running has been incredibly consistent.  I’ve been running three days a week nearly every.single.week.  I’ve been upping my distance in consistent intervals.  I’ve had overall kickass half marathon training. 

I’m sure the aforementioned increase in strength training has helped, but what I’ve really come to realize is when it comes to running, consistency is key.  You don’t need to kill yourself trying to go further or faster.  If you stay consistent it will come…or at least it did for me. 

Now if only I could figure out why it took me two years to figure all that out.

Oh and about that ribbon.  I came in first in my age group (25 – 29).  It was a tiny race with about 60 people told and only 2 or 3 others in my agen group, but I was so shocked when I found out I was first.  When my friend told me my response was “No shit!?!  Are you sure?”  I haven’t gotten a first place ribbon since I squit swim team so I’m pretty darn proud of myself.

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