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284. Say Yes to the Dress…or Not

Over the weekend I had an incredible realization.  It was part non-scale victory, part near painful realization, and part happy realization.  Let me explain.

The boy and I are going on a cruise that includes two (optional) formal nights. We’re technically going with his family; however, the only time we actually have to spend with them is dinner on one of the formal nights.  This means I needed a formal dress.  Anyone who knows me knows I don’t really “do” formal.  So when I asked “How formal is formal” and the response was “Rich will be wearing a tux.”  I knew I was pretty much screwed.  Then I realized this presented a golden opportunity to do what so few ladies actually get to do – actually re-wear a bridesmaids dress!

In October 2007, my best friend got married, and I was honored to be part of the bridal party.  I absolutely loved the dresses: simple, A-line in a deep red with black accents.  The fit looked flattering on every member of the wedding party.  They were truly the kind of bridesmaid dress you really could wear again should the opportunity arise.  Of course the opportunity never really arose until now.

October 2007Saturday afternoon, we went by my parent’s house so I could find the dress and try it on.  After searching through three closets, I found the dressed and slipped it on.  I squeezed my shoulder blades together so Nik could zip it up: between my wide back and being “gifted” in the front, I’ve always had a hard time zipping dresses passed that area.  However, this time, the shoulder blade squeeze was totally unnecessary.  The dress was TOO BIG!  Like way too big.  Like there was no way I was going to be able wear this dress without it being altered, and I wasn’t even sure it could be altered.  I was shocked.  I was amazed.  I was a little bit bummed. (I was really looking forward to wearing that dress again.)

Too Big dress

And yes, I’m wearing the dress over my shorts and t-shirt and there’s still room to spare.

The whole experience leads me to realize three things:


1)Our perceptions are all relative.  Prior to trying on that dress, I thought I was about the same size in October 2007 as I am now.  I guess I never really realized how much weight I was putting on/ how big I was until I reached my breaking point.

2)I knew I’d come a long way since 2009, but apparently I’ve come a long way since 2007 as well.  This excites me a lot, and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished even more, but it also scares me that it was so easy for me to let my increase weight and unhealthy habits get as bad as they did without even realizing it.

3)It’s so easy to underestimate your achievements.  When I walked into my parent’s house, I was pretty much counting on sliding into the dress, sliding back out, taking it home, and packing it up.  I knew that if the dress didn’t fit, it was certainly because it would be too small.  Never for a second did I consider the dress might actually be too big.  I was truly shocked when the dress was too big.

And in case you were concerned about my fate on formal night, there is no need to worry.  It just so happens I have another equally as nice bridesmaid dress laying around. (And I know this one still fits!)

October 2010

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