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322. Weight Watchers Wednesday: Session 2 Week 7

Last week’s weight: 154.4lbs
This week’s weight: 153.6lbs
Change: –.8lbs
Total Loss: -11lbs, this session: -3lbs


I was honestly surprised when I weighed in last night.  I really wasn’t expecting a loss of any kind so even a small loss was enough to excite me.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t feeling confident yesterday/ last night; it was just that with the trip to Dallas and the half marathon over the weekend, I just didn’t foresee a loss.

I managed to eat all 49 plus 1 of my weekly allowance points as well as all 37 of the activity points I earned.  (In case you’re curious, 26 of those were from Saturday’s race alone, and I actually broke even at the end of the day with 26 extra points earned and 26 extra points consumed.)  Combine that with the fact that there was fair potential for my muscles to be retaining some h20 after running and traveling, it just didn’t seem like a winning situation for dropping those good ole el-bees.

But I did.  And I could not be more excited about it.  I’m really and truly absolutely at the lowest weight I’ve been since I started losing weight in 2009.  Truth be told, I think I’m at the lowest weight I’ve been since somewhere around 2002.

I’m hoping that now that half marathon training is over (for a few weeks away – more on that later.) I will be able to consistently drop the remaining 12lbs I have left to hit goal.  One of the biggest struggles I’ve had is figuring out how to balance how many points I’m eating with my increasing activity level and mileage.  Now that I’m going to have a more consistent activity schedule, I hope I’ll be able to balance my points and activity for even and consistent weight loss.

I didn’t set any goal last week, but I have a few for this week. 

–          I will run 3 times this week and get 3 strength training sessions in.

–          I will limit eating out to once this week (not counting the wedding I have Saturday night.)

–          I will finish cleaning out my closet and drawers and drop the stuff off at Goodwill.

Until next week…

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