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331. Weight Watchers Wednesday: PointsPlus 2012 Begins

Last week’s weight: 154.4lbs
This week’s weight: 153.8lbs
Change: –.6lbs
Total Loss: -11lbs, this session: -3 lbs


Yay!  I’m finally back down to my lowest weight!  Last night I felt really confident going into weigh in.  Even though I’d used all 15 of my activity points and all but 12 of my weekly allowance, I tracked everything (even while we were out of town) and was feeling very confident with myself.  And sure enough, it paid off.  It was only a .6lbs loss, but given my stagnation the last month, I am super excited and motivated by those .6lbs!

This week was the launch of PointsPlus 2012.  Weight Watchers has made a few changes to the program that allows you more flexibility in making the program work for you.  You can now adjust your daily and weekly points allowance to fit your needs.  The major change I saw as a result of the program changes?  A three point drop from 29 points to 26.  I’ll be honest, at first I was freaking out about this.  I was only getting 26 points?  Eating 29 points was a struggle; how in the world was I going to survive on 26 points!?!  However, once I got over the initial shock of it, I started to realize that while sticking to 26 points on a daily basis will be a bit of a challenge, there were plenty of days I was already coming in at 26 or 27 points without feeling like I was going to starve to death.  As I reflected back on these days, I realized that when I’m really sticking to the plan, making smart choices, and loading up on fruits and veggies (which is something I need to be doing anyway to make my December to Remember Challenge goal of 160 servings), sticking to 26 points isn’t really that hard.  Plus, I still get my 49 weekly allowance points, and I can still earn and swap activity points.  I know I can adjust my daily points back to 29, but after some thought I’ve decided to give the 26 point daily allowance its fair shot.

Based on that, I imagine my first weekly goal is pretty obvious, but here they are 5 goals this week…

  1. Stick to my 26 point daily target.  It’s going to be a challenge, but I’ve set a very aggressive year end goal of 148.8lbs, and I think the 26 point daily target will really help me reach that.
  2. Track daily.  I’ve said this over and over again, but for my tracking is the key to my success.  I know this so I don’t know why it’s a revelation every week, but it is.
  3. Minimum 35 servings of fruits and veggies.  This is a twofold goal: first, increasing my fruits and veggies intake will help my stick to my 26 points, and second, it’ll help me reach my December to Remember goal which I’m already a little behind on.
  4. Run three days.  This will most likely be tonight, Saturday morning and Monday night.
  5. Incorporate 1 other workout. This can be cross training or strength training, but I need to pick it up – especially since I’m off to a slow start with my December challenge.

Hopefully I can meet all these goals, and they’ll add up to a stellar loss this week!


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