The Sign You’ve Got a Racing Problem…

…I realized something about 35 minutes ago.  I’m signed up for two races next Saturday.  I’m not entire sure how it happened, but I’m supposed to be running at Run or Dye Chicago 5K and the Muddy Monk May Day! May Day! May Day! 10K.

Okay, so, realistically I know exactly what happened.  I bought the Muddy Monk season pass and mentally signed up for all the races, but didn’t put any of them on the calendar until I had officially signed up.  Run or Dye was a Groupon (or maybe Living Social) deal I bought to run with Krista.  Apparently I didn’t put that on the calendar either so when I finally officially signed up for the May Day race, I didn’t know there was a scheduling conflict,

BRIGHT SIDE!  The races are at different times and the start/ finish lines are only actually about 15 minutes away from each other! 

Race Conflict Map

So, as you’ve probably guessedby now, I’m plannign to run both!  Run or Dye starts at 9am and May Day starts at 10.  I’ll have to finish the 5K, change my shirt (so I don’t get colorful dust all over my car) and high tail it to the second race, but it’ll be fun!  Right?  Right?! 

I’m just glad I didn’t sign up for the May Day 15K!

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