Twosday: Grow Edition

Remember back in January when I declared Grow as my word of the year?  Well, today seemed like as good a day as any to do a little checking in on my progress – Twosday style!

Growing professionally:

  1. Introduction to Business: Earlier this week I registered to take Intro to Business through my local community college.  I’m taking the course online so I don’t actually have to go to campus at all.  Assuming I survive this class, I may pursue an Associates in business and eventually an MBA.  That’s all very up in the air right now as there’s a lot to consider.  Plus there’s definitely a reason I never took any business classes in college… 
  2. Associate in Surplus Lines Insurance: I ordered the materials for this certification (if you want to call it that) toward the end of last year, and I’ve only made it through the first two chapters.  It’s not the most exciting material which is part of the problem, but laziness is probably the bigger issue.  I want to get this done before I start my summer class though so I’m buckling down starting yesterday.

Literally Growing Things:

  1. I planted plants!  A few weeks ago I got very gung-ho and planted several different plants.  I planted some garlic, a blueberry bush, strawberries, a few different herbs in posts, and some flowers in garden beds in front of the house.  Three days later, we had a torrential downpour which flooded our yards, garage and crawl space. Front Yard Flood The herbs and most of the plants out front did not survive. Womp, womp.  The garlic, however, is flourishing, and the strawberries seem to be doing well.
  2. Raised Garden Beds – I’ve been talking about building raised garden beds to create a garden area behind the garage, but if we’re being perfectly honest, the idea of building things scares me a little.  A friend of mine keeps telling me how easy they are to build, and Kit over at DIY Dive just wrote a how-to post on it so I might give it a go this weekend.  After all, I did buy seeds to plant in my non-existent beds.

Grow Up (The Fashion Edition):

  1. I touched on this in my last Twosday post, but I’ve been working pretty hard to dress myself like an adult.  I’ve been consistently referring to the same blog and reminding myself of her tips when I shop.  I’ve been focusing more on “completer pieces” and accessories to mix up my wardrobe staples without feeling repatitive.  I’ve been thinking about taking pictures of my daily outfits to see how I can rework some pieces. Outfit
  2. I’ve started going through my closet to either get rid of pieces I don’t wear or figure out how to make them work/ wear them more.  I’m also getting rid of some well loved (read: worn out!) pieces.

Grown Up (The Chores Edition):

  1. I’ve gotten pretty good about doing laundry and putting it away right away.  Laundry is definitely Top 3 Most Hated Chores.  I don’t so much mind doing the laundry, but I despise the folding and hanging and putting away.
  2. I’ve made a small amount of progress on the whole clutter/ not putting things away issue.  Everything has a place, and nothing is in its place is pretty much my motto at home.  I know this makes Nik crazy, but it’s such a hard habit to change.  I’ve definitely gotten better about laundry – putting it on the hamper rather than little it accumulate on the floor next to my side of the bed. Speaking of the best, I’ve also been making the bed pretty regularly.  I think the new bedding I bought (and absolutely adore!) might have something to do with this.

Not Growing:

  1. Growing the blog has clearly not been a priority as of late.  Prioritizing my blog has never really been, well, a priority like it is for many people.  It’s always the hardest for me to strike balance with – prioritizing growing the blog how I think I should vs how I’d like to vs what I am actually willing and able to do.
  2. Growing creatively is another thing that has been taking a backseat lately.  I just haven’t been feeling that inspired lately.  I’ve been working on a baby gift since February.  That baby has been born and I’m no where near finished.
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2 thoughts on “Twosday: Grow Edition”

    1. Ugh, laundry and dishes are the bane of my existance.

      Thanks for the encouragement! I am working hard – especially on the housekeeping issues – even if no one else believes I am! 🙂

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