Twosday, I

One of the things I both love and hate about my job is the workflow can be really inconsistent.  Some times work is so slow, I start creating work to keep my busy.  (This usually takes the form of me crating some unnecessary spreadsheet or revamping some organizational element to make the team – aka me and my boss – more efficient.)  Other times, I get crazy busy and shortened lunches and later trains home become a necessity, and work leaves me totally tapped out at the end of the day.  Recently, it’s been the latter.  Combine that with personal life busyness and you get a lack of time for post writing.  C’est la vie.

But I wanted to get a post up today so I’m taking a cue from the lovely, lovely Heather and her Twosday post series.

Two posts you can expect next week:

  1. A recap from the Muddy Monk Punk the Monk 5K
  2. My review of the KlutchClub box…finally.

Two post series I’ll be continuing before the month ends:

  1. She’s Crafty.  I’m still crafting.  I’ve got scarves out the yin-yang to share, and I’m currently knitting a baby blanket.  I’m planning a quilt when I (finally) finish the aforementioned blanket.
  2. Weight Watchers Wednesday.  I promise you, I will weigh in!!

Two things I am excited for:

  1. Spring and warmer weather.  I’m over this cold, snowy crap.  I just want to see the sun for, like, two days in a row please!
  2. Doing 10 legit, non-modified push-ups and crossing it off my 101 list!  Guys, I am so close!  I can currently do 2 – 3.  After that, my form goes to shit.  I can get 5 if I only go about half way down. 

Two meals I am currently obsessing over (aka I want to eat them every single day):

  1. These Portobella Cheesesteaks from Cassie.  Ever since I found my love of (cooked) mushrooms, these sandwiches have become a menu staple.  They’re just so darn tasty.  I use pre-sliced baby bella mushrooms instead of slicing up large portobellas.
  2. A lightened up version of Tuna Noodle Casserole from the Weight Watchers One Pot Cookbook.  This has been the very best of all the condensed soup free, lightened tune noodle casserole recipes I’ve tried.

Two meals I’m just over:

  1. My frozen breakfast sandwiches.  I’ve been eating them for weeks, and I do love this.  But as of this morning, I am over them.  I think it will be oatmeal or yogurt for breakfasts next week.
  2. Actually, it’s just that one…

Two ways I’ve been trying to Grow lately:

  1. Dressing like a put together adult with some possible sense of fashion.  Honestly, this is something I tend to get gung ho about for, like, a week, maybe two, every single year.  But inevitable, my inspiration runs dry and I fall back into my old ways.  But this time around, I think I might’ve found the secret to my success.  Thanks to Pinterest, I stumbled upon the blog Putting Me Together.  She’s got two series of posts that I’ve found extremely helpful: Building a Remixable Wardrobe and Wardrobe from Scratch.  These posts where really helpful in guiding me when I did my annual Buy All The Things and Dress Like an Adult shopping trip!
  2. Sunday meal prep and weekend chores.  Alright, so cleaning still isn’t my strong suit, but I’ve been doing laundry on a weekly basis which is HUGE for me (and will probably be helpful in maintaining the ability to dress myself.) and my kitchen is only a disaster, like, 30% of the time now.
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6 thoughts on “Twosday, I”

    1. The KLUTCHClub review is written and scheduled to post! Keep an eye out for it next Tuesday!

      I didn’t say I wanted to BE an adult…I just want to look like one!
      Stina recently posted..Twosday, IMy Profile

  1. Oh man, I seriously need to get into this dressing like an adult thing. I’m going on the job hunt and I know that in my next office I’ll have to wear more than just my boring engineering clothing. Those links are definitely helpful, now to stock my closet with some essentials!
    Michelle @The Running Jewess recently posted..Down in the Big EasyMy Profile

    1. It’s definitely a challenge for me. My default style is pretty casual (read: jeans, t-shirt, chucks) so a lot of times I feel awkwardly overdressed even if I’m not. Like wearing a pair of khakis on the weekend just makes me mentally uncomfortable – like I should be going to work.

      I will say sticking to a color palette has been helpful along with the idea of the “completer pieces” and importance of accessories that she talks about. Tossing on a blazer and a chunky necklace does make a big difference in t-shirt funcationality.

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