Twosday: Race Recaps

(I accidentally published this post early when I was drafting it in the WordPress app.  Oops)

Races I ran this weekend:
1. Run for Boston 5K
2. Warrior Dash

Run for Boston 5K Minor injuries sustained during the Warrior Dash:
1. Epic bruise on the outside of my left knee.
2. Tiny cuts on my knees from little rocks in the bottom of the trench obstacle.

Finishing times:
1. Run for Boston: 29:47.8 (though due to a mix up with the bibs, the finishing time tied to my name is 19:35.6.  I’ll totally take that time because we all know I would die running that fast.)
2. Warrior Dash: 1:23:03.20 We were in no way running for time.  This race was all about sticking together and having a blast. 

Warrior Dash medal

Things that made me happy during my races:
1. Being able to do all the Warrior Dash obstacles without help. I needed assistance climbing over some of the obstacles last year. Shortly after, I started working with my trainer and building some legit muscle. Almost a year later, it was definitely noticeable during the race.
2. All the runners at the Run for Boston 5K running in the rain.  The weather Saturday was pretty crappy.  It rained during most of the race which was annoying, but at the same time it was really kind of beautiful. The fact that so many runners still came out and ran despite the rain really embodied the whole spirit of the race.  The idea that nothing will stop the running community: not bad weather and not an attack on the beloved Boston Marathon.  It just made me smile.

More things that made me happy during my races:
1. My finishing time at the Run for Boston 5K.  I started the race slow intending to run with my friend Jen, but my knee was really bothering me after I hurt it during the Wholly HellHell 15K the previosuly weekend.  I decided to pick up the pace in hopes of that helping my knee.  When it did, I decided I was going to try and catch up with my friend Scott.  I really pushed myself and actually did manage to catch up with him by the end.  I nearly threw up on the final hill, but I made it.  It really gave me the mental boost I need to start my #PRorBust half marathon training.
2. Running with friends.  I’ve done most of my recent racing alone, and while I’ve always enjoyed them, I greatly prefer to run with people I know.  It’s more fun to hang out with friends before and after and have someone to chat with during the race.  U less I’m actively trying to PR, I’d much rather run at a slower pace with someone than run faster and alone.

*As always, Twosday is inspired by Heather

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4 thoughts on “Twosday: Race Recaps”

    1. It was a wonderful event! You (along with Art and the other Chicago Running Bloggers) did an absolutely amazing job putting it together. You should be extremely proud! I do wish I’d come and said hi, but as usual my shy and generally awkward personality took over and I talked myself out of it.

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