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I don’t generally post weekly meal plans or workout plans because, quite honestly, these are my least favorite posts to read on other people’s blogs.  These are the posts I most frequently skim or skip all together.  They’re just not usually very interesting.  But I’ve found that I’m most sucessful, in both weight loss and in being a grown ass woman, when I approach the week with a plan.  As a result, I’ve decided to post my weekly meal and workout plans on Monday morning.  Feel free to skim or skip this post.  Oh, and I’ll come up with a clever title and some graphics for these posts later.

First up, the meal plan.

Breakfasts: Freezer McMuffin-style Breakfast Sammies (I’ll be sharing the recipe – if you can even call it a recipe – for these on Thursday.)

Lunches: Leftovers with fruit or baby carrots

Dinners: All the dinners I’ve chosen this week are from either the Weight Watchers Veg Power cookbook or their One Pot cookbook.  I typically only plan 5 dinners as we typically go out to eay at least once a week and will eat leftovers on remaining unplanned days.
Monday: Tofu Pad Thai
Nacho Frittata
Wednesday: Bean Mushroom & Corn Enchiladas
Thursday: Shimp & Pineapple Curry with Brown Rice
Steak & Mushroom Stroganoff

Now, the workout plan.

Monday: Gym for strength training and a solo spin sesh
Tuesday: 20-30 minute yoga pod cast at home
Wednesday: Run 4 – 5 miles
Thursday: Gym for strength training and spin class
Friday: Rest
Saturday/ Sunday: Gym for strength training/ Run 6 – 7 miles. (This will depend on if I’m meeting up with anyone to run.)

Today is not off to a great start.  My train line was seriously delayed due to an earlier train hitting a pedestrian which resulted in a seriously frustrating commute to work (mostly me trying to find a parking lot at a different station in a very confusing neighborhood.)  I forgot my breakfast and lunch in my fluster to get out of the house.  And to top it all off, I have a killer headache because I failed to appropriately hydrate myself over the weekend.  So wish me luck in keeping it together this week!

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Planning Post”

  1. No, your week is not off to a good start. How frustrating! Hang in there and remember that each meal is a new opportunity to make it right. This is the mantra that I’m telling myself since I’ve already started off the day with two pieces of candy.
    Nicole recently posted..Family Fun DayMy Profile

    1. My week has been totally derailed, but other than the train debacle, it was all good things so I can’t complain – my brother and sister in law came in to town and I got to go see Book of Mormon! BUT I’m going to get it together today rather than just saying, “Eff it, I’ll get it together come Sunday.”
      Stina recently posted..Weekly Planning PostMy Profile

    1. I have really good recipe from a friend of mine if you need/ want one. Well, really, it’s only the sauce of the recipe I stick to everything else gets changed every time I make it. Let me know and I can email it to you.

    1. I have the pad thai recipe in my email, but the rest are from WW cookbooks. Was there a particular one you wanted? Let me know which and I can scan them at work (or just type it up real quick) and email them to you!

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