Weekly Wrap Up: 3/29 – 4/4

Weekly Wrap-up In an effort to keep myself engaged and accountable via social media, I’m going to start a weekly wrap up with my workouts, weigh-in, etc.

Eats: MyFitnessPal Food Diary


I was sick over the weekend and at beginning of the week so my planned workouts for the weekend and Monday were replaced with the couch, tv, and sleeping.  I also had two unplanned happy hours for work which led to missed workouts.

Sunday sick day
Monday sick day
Tuesday Plank a Day and 30 minute HardCORE Yoga
Wednesday Plank a Day, 20 minute Yoga for Weight Loss and 30 minutes of walking and jogging with Maxwell dog
Thursday rest day
Friday unplanned rest day
Saturday Trainer appointment and Plank a Day

Weight: 162.8 down .2lbs from last week.

Goals for next week: Get at least two morning workouts in.

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