Weight Watchers Wednesday: Bad Week(s) Gone Good

2013 Starting Weight: 165 (Official Weight Watchers Starting Weight was 164.8)
Last Weigh-In: 159.8
Current Weigh-In: 156.6
Change: -3.2
2013 Total Weight Loss: 8.2 (not adding pounds gained unless it exceeds 5)

So apparently the past couple weeks probably haven’t been as terrible in real life as I built them up to be my head.  If they had, I would not be down more than 3lbs.  And clearly, they were better than the 2 weeks prior to my last weigh in when I was up 2lbs.  Nonetheless, the last three weeks have felt like something of a disaster to me. 

I had an awesome week after my last weigh-in.  I tracked every day, I earned 31 activity points.  I missed my meeting due to a doctor’s appointment, but I think I would have rocked my weigh in.  The next week was pretty much a disaster across the board.  It started with the Boston boming and ended with a lot of beer.  I lost my ActiveLink on that Tuesday (or so I thought.**)  This left me feeling sort of lost in terms of my activity which in turn led me to not track any of my food.  This is ridiculous on both counts.  I very easily could have estimated my activity points based on past activity, and not tracking my food because I “couldn’t” track my activity is the exact opposite of what one might call “logic”. 

After a week of not finding my ActiveLink, I sucked it up and bought a new one last week.  Unfortunately that cold I had two weeks prior returned with a vegance.  Tracking sucked and I didn’t workout at all.  Also have you noticed my lack of planning posts?   Well, that’s because I haven’t been planning shit.  There’s been a lot of eating out and a lot of thrown together “meals.”  Last night was probably the first time I made a legit dinner in about a week.

All that said, I’m taking this weigh in as a gift from the scale-god and motivation to get my act together again.  It’s 5 weeks until my birthday (holy crap!), and I would like to reach my 10% mark (148.8lbs) by then.  It’s an aggressive goal, but I’m hoping it’ll keep me motivated.  If I can do this well when I’m having “bad” weeks, I’m hoping I can kick ass when I’m on the ball.  I’ll be back to my weekly planning posts come Monday.  Remind me of this post in a couple weeks when tracking gets tedious again…

**Of course a week after I bought the new ActiveLink, I found the old one on a sports bra that had been washed and put away.  I now have a very clear picture of what happened.

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3 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Wednesday: Bad Week(s) Gone Good”

  1. ugh! that blows about finding the “old” AL. Can you return or sell the new one purchased on Ebay or something if WW won’t take it back?!

    1. They’re non-transferable so since I started using the new one, it can’t be returned, and the old one os completely useless now since the new one was activated on my account. (I accidentally worn the old one the day after I found it, and when I plugged it in, the sync window said it had been deactivated.) I wish they were transferable because I would give the new one to a friend of mine who lost hers a while ago. I guess I kind of get why they’re not, but it’s still stupid.

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