Weight Watchers Wednesday: Changes

First up, winners for the Trophy Band headband giveaway have been notified via email.  Since only three people entered, everyone was a winner!

I haven’t posted a Weight Watchers Wednesday in a few weeks, and while it may seem like a symptom of my blog-slacking, it was actually a conscious decision on my part.  I made the decision to forego posting for a few reasons:

  1. I felt like I was saying the same things week after week.  I was bored with myself so I can only image how bored my readers were.
  2. I was really frustrated with myself for a) gaining back pretty much all the weight I lost last year during and after marathon training and b) not losing that weight as quickly as I wanted.
  3. I wasn’t ready to really admit the issues I was having.  I knew what I needed to do, but I was really struggling to do it.  Even when I had the motivation to get back on the wagon, so to speak, I was trying to do it all.  I was really struggling to accept the fact that I needed to start small again and take it one day at a time.  I didn’t want to believe I had really lost my mojo and needed to rebuild it from the ground up.  Every time I’d recommit to things, I’d go balls to the wall and burn myself out after a few days.  I needed to get myself back to a place where I was comfortable.

So I’ve decided that going forward I’m just going to do Weight Watchers Wednesday weigh in posts once a month.  This is mostly because of #1 above.  I finally seem to be “back on the wagon” and moving at full force.  I’ve found some new motivation, and I’ve been tracking, working out and even strength training regularly for the last two weeks.

If we’re being honest, a big part of my motivation is that I have a wedding at the end of September and another in mid-October.  I bought the dresses for these weddings at the beginning of the year (One I wore to a wedding in January and the other was dirt cheap so I bought it knowing I’d have a wedding to go to in September.  I didn’t expect to have regained for much weight.), and I really want to be able to wear these dresses.   If we’re being extra honest, I might also be slightly motivated by a little bit of pettiness and vanity, but hey, if it gets the job done, who am I to argue.

I may post a mid-month check-in or if there’s something particular I want to share, but from now on, it’ll just be the first Wednesday of the month.

This week’s weigh in: 160.2

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