Weight Watchers Wednesday: Getting Serious and True Effort

Yes, I realize today is not Wednesday, but it’s the middle of my work week this week so that’s kind the same, right?  I actually didn’t make it to my meeting this week due to birthday dinner with Nik’s family so I don’t have a weigh in to post, but this is one of those word vomit posts that needed to go up immediately.

Today Heather blogged about a few random updates in her life.  On of the things she touched on was her weight loss and progress toward her goal weight.  What she said really struck me.  In her post she talked about being serious about weight loss and actually putting in the true effort necessary to get results.  I totally saw myself in her words.  Since the marathon ended I’ve been telling myself I’m serious about getting my weight loss back on track, but so far my actions have not REALLY reflected seriousness.  I’ve been half-assing it and hoping it’ll fall back into place rather than putting things back in place.

The last three weekends have been kinda crazy with trips out of town, but if I were as serious as I’m claiming to be those weekends would not be a reason to derail myself every week.  I would track and get in a workout and stick to my points as best as possible.  Or at least I’d eat more than one or two servings of fruits and veggies.

Now if you’re paying attention, you probably realize I said pretty much the same thing in last week’s Weight Watcher’s Wednesday post.  I set hard line goals for myself which I did great with until Saturday morning in Michigan rolled around.  Then shit promptly fell apart.

Saying I’m serious about weight loss isn’t going to get me to my goal weight.  Setting goals and slacking off on them isn’t going to get me there either.  I need to start putting forth the true effort necessary.  I need to set up a workout schedule and stick to it.  I need to plan meals and grocery shop.  I need to actually track my food 90 – 100% of the time.  I need to focus on balancing healthy behaviors with some fun. But mostly I need to BE as serious as I SAY I am.



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