Weight Watchers Wednesday: I Will Keep Losing.

One of these days I will manage to accomplish my goal of blogging at least twice weekly for a month…one of these days…until then you get my sporadically at best.  (Also, does anyone else immediately thing of Brittney Murphy in Clueless every single time they use the word sporadically?  No, it’s just me?  Okay, cool.)  Anyway…to the point here…it’s weigh in time!

2013 Starting Weight: 165.6 (Official Weight Watchers Starting Weight was 164.8)
Last Weigh-In: 162
Current Weigh-In: 161.2
Change: -.8
2013 Lowest Weight: 156.6

I actually lost 2.2lbs this week, but I had gotten up to 163.4 after a wedding and a weekend at my grandparent’s house.  I’ve made a lot of progress since I started this journey almost 5 years ago, but the weekends and special events (which often go hand in hand) are still my biggest struggle.  They still derail me.  Honestly, the fact that was only up to 163.4 after the wedding and didn’t gain at all while at my grandparents is actually probably something of a victory.

I’ve set a goal to be down 5lbs by Thanksgiving.  I’ve been working hard, and I’d really ready to get back down below that 2013 lowest weight beore the end of the year.  Things are slowing down for me over the next couple months which is probably the opposite of everyone else, but my family is small though and not huge holiday celebrators so I don’t have a lot of Christmas parties or big, elaborate dinners to attend.

I’ve been setting some small weekly goals again to help me stay on track.  My two goals for this week are

  1. One morning workout.  I’ve gotten really bad about getting to the gym in the evening.  I want to get back into the habit of working out in the morning.  We have flex hours at work so I don’t have to be in right at 8am.  I already really good about getting to bed early, and honestly I probably don’t have to get up that much earlier to get to the gym in the morning.
  2. Continue tracking the my fake Simply Filling approach.  This really seems to be working for me.
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