Weight Watchers Wednesday: Sick Days

Note: I think I’ve decided on weigh-in posts every other week.  Weekly seems like overkill, and monthly doesn’t seem quite often enough.  So every other week seems like a happy medium.

2013 Starting Weight: 165 (Official Weight Watchers Starting Weight was 164.8)
Last Weigh-In: 157.8
Current Weigh-In: 159.8
Change: +2
2013 Total Weight Loss: 7.2 (not adding pounds gained unless it exceeds 5)

So, the last two weeks have been kind of a mess.  I didn’t drown completely, but was definitely flailing around trying to keep my head above water.  I posted my first weekly planning post, but as I mentioned, that plan went out the window pretty quickly.  I didn’t get my weekly planning post up on Monday because I was sick. 

And in case being sick wasn’t enough to screw up my week, my cat decided to use my face as a launching pad while I was napping on Monday afternoon.  She sliced the right side of my face open from my lip to about a 1/3 of the way up my cheek.  It’s not actually as bad as it sounds, but after my coworkers got my all worried and paranoid, I did end up going to urgent care yesterday to get it checked out – make sure stitches weren’t necessary or anything like that.

The rest of the week is going to be kind of a mess as well so my main goal is to just make sure I’m tracking and sticking close to my daily points.


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4 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Wednesday: Sick Days”

  1. ugh sorry girl! Keep strong, focus on feeling better, and just stick to your plan of tracking as best as you can!

    You can do this!


  2. Eek! Sorry to hear about your cat “attack”. 🙂 Bad kitty!
    Hang in there – and good for you for not completing drowning because of being thrown off!
    Nicole recently posted..04.10.13My Profile

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