What Up 2014?!

So it’s 2014 now, huh?  The last two months were crazy busy and blogging just wasn’t making the to do list.  I haven’t even managed to put together goals for this coming year.  That’s on the to do list for this weekend.  Here’s the quick and dirty highlights from December.  Let’s start with the most exciting…

  • We got engaged Christmas morning!  I’ve been told I’m pretty casual about announcing it, but I could not be more excited.  I was completely surprised too.  Obviously I was expecting it sooner or later, but I was quite sure it wasn’t going to be happening before 2013 came to a close!
  • We spent most of December completely revamping the first floor of the house.  We got new carper, painted pretty much every surface other than the kitchen, which we did last year, and the bathroom, replaced all the outlets and switches and all of the hardware.
  • We’ve got a legit guest room now, but what I’m most excited about is the new and improved office.  We got the Ikea Expedit desk which I’m obsessed with, and I also have a dedicated sewing and crafting space now!  I’m excited to get back on the Project Life wagon, and maybe even do some of the sewing projects I’ve pinned.
  • We hosted Christmas this year.  That was pretty much the catalyst behind the house revamping.  We were planning on doing it over time, but then when we agreed to host Christmas, we decided to get as much done as possible being Christmas day.
  • I decided to take a break from running until Spring.  I just haven’t been feeling it much lately, but I have been rocking some hiit on the treadmill from time to time.
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