Zombies, Run!

It’s possible I’ve never mentioned this before, but I’m pretty nerdy. I would die to travel in the TARDIS. Dystopian fiction is my jam. I played World of Warcraft, a lot, for about three years. If I has more time, I’d play way more videogames.  (I’ve been longing to finish Bioshock…) I spend my Friday nights playing tabletop games with friends. (I call board games tabletop games.) And not just your mainstream games like Apples to Apples and CatchPhrase. We might have once played a Dungeons and Dragons board game…

I know. You’re all shocked. I just seem so cool on this blog. Anyway…

It could probably go without saying anything that combines my love of fantasy and gaming with my love of running is pretty much a winner in my book.

Enter, Zombies, Run!


A friend if mine told me about this app a year or so ago. At the time it was only available on iPhone, but it sounded so cool that I anxiously awaited it’s release on Android. I downloaded it the day it released. It’s kind of pricey ($7.99), but so far it has been worth every dime. (And I’m not one to actually purchase a lot of apps.  I’ll deal with the ads in the free versions.) I’m actually only 50% done with the game, but the story is just so good. I really can’t believe how well written this app is.

Without giving much of the story away, you are cast as “Runner 5” after ending up in survivor camp, Abel Township. Your job is to complete various missions collecting supplies and helping to solve the cause of the zombie plague that has overtaken much of the world. The mission storylines are intermingled with songs from your own playlists.

Each mission runs about 30 minutes, but the app also has a 60 minute settinig. You also have the option to turn on zombie chases which adds some intervals in which you have to speed up to escape a zombie hot on your trail.

You can also allocate the supplies you collect to build up the various areas of the township – hospital, armoury, etc. This is where the gamer in me gets excited, leveling my base.  This can be done via the app or through the ZombieLink portal which is pretty cool.  You can review storylines and your run data on the website.

Right now I’m only completing about a mission a week because, aside from just not running very much, I’m so torn between wanting to know how this all ends and wanting to drag out my zombie entertainment as long as possible! Luckily, they are releasing a second installment in the spring.

And I’m totally aware this post reads like a (or rather the world’s worst) sales pitch, but I assure you the people behind Zombies, Run had nothing to do with this post.  They have no idea I exist. I just wanted to share one of my all time favorite apps with you guys. This is the time of year when motivation starts to thin, and there’s nothing like a good storyline to keep me moving. Oh, and they apparently have a 5K training app now if the lack of zombies in the Couch to 5K is a total dealbreaker for you.

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8 thoughts on “Zombies, Run!”

    1. I absolutely love it, and totally think it’s worth the money. That said, it does go on sale form time to time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they ran a sale soon since the sequel app is being released in the spring. And if you want the 5K training app, that one is only $1.99 (I think.)

    1. Actually, the app is 50% off right now. It doesn’t show me the price on my phone, but I just went to their page on the Google Play website and it sayd 50% off. Now would probably be the time to buy it if you’re interested!

      Honestly, even if zombies aren’t really your thing, I still thing the story is pretty good. I was actually almost crying during the last mission.
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